Hi, I’m Christina Metcalf

I string words together for a living.

As my LinkedIn profile will claim, I know a little about a lot. (I’m a) Generalist Extraordinaire.

That’s because I have a voracious interest in everything (except chemistry and calculus). While that natural curiosity in how things work and fit together may annoy my husband when I watch movies and Google everything the characters are talking about, it serves me well in my business writing.

When I work with you, I research industry trends, tone, and your ideal audience.

After all, if you have to spoon-feed a writer with ideas, how much time are you really saving in content creation?

There’s no spoon-feeding with me.

Unlike most writers, I have embraced the digital divide, writing with human know-how and training others on how to use AI for greater efficiency (albeit less creativity).

How Can We Work Together?

Content Marketing

Fiction writers make the best content marketers because telling your business story is critically important to engaging your ideal customer and differentiating yourself from the competition. Content marketing services include:

  • articles
  • blog posts
  • website copy
  • brochure copy
  • Destination & Visitor’s Guides
  • Strategic plans

AI Training

Whether you’re looking to improve efficiencies in your chamber of commerce or business through AI or you just want to learn more about it, I can help. AI Training services include:

  • AI fundamentals
  • Prompt writing
  • AI tools and platforms
  • Content repurposing using AI
  • Using AI for operational efficiencies


I write about what interests me and things I’m trying to work through in my head.

My fiction is 100% human-written.

I cross genres because I envision writing for people who are curious and adventurous; ones who get bored easily.

Does that sound like you?

Let’s see if we can find you your next read.

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