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Christina Metcalf

I am filled with ideas. Maybe you are too. Perhaps that’s why you’re here.

When I opened my marketing writing business over twelve years ago

  • Amazon Alexa wasn’t around
  • Facebook Messenger was on the scene but no one under the age of 35 wanted to use it
  • you couldn’t binge a Netflix original because there wouldn’t be any for another two years
  • people had to answer their own doorbells because Ring wouldn’t be crowdfunded for another two years
  • the only way to get people to bring you food was to beg or plead, no GrubHub or DoorDash or Uber Eats
  • you had to do your own grocery shopping or pay someone handsomely
  • no one questioned the security and privacy behind TikTok because everyone still thought of that as the sound a clock made (and with most of those being digital it wasn’t a sound we heard often)
  • meal kits and monthly subscription services were only things in my dreams
  • little kids hadn’t made hundreds of thousands of dollars opening their toys online yet

Yeah, life has changed quite a bit. And we’ve had to change with it.

Content Marketing Made Stories Important to Business

The other thing that happened when I started my business was that marketers began to put extra effort into content. They wanted to write engaging, valuable copy.

Trickery was left to old ad agencies.

Marketers now wanted to connect.

So it made sense that a fiction writer like me started working with businesses to tell their story.

And it worked.

Customers respond to businesses they can relate to.

Rewriting your business copy is the first step but to be heard over the noise of the competition, you need to stand out.

You can do that by finally telling your story in book format.

I know many of you think books are dead and you don’t read. But you are not necessarily your ideal customer. You can share your truths, your business acumen, your life philosophy in a way that helps people see you…the real you.

Look at what Matthew McConaughey did in his book Green Lights. He transformed that piece of creative non-fiction into a lifestyle and a program inspiring hundreds of thousands of people (not to mention what he earned in doing so).

The time is now to write your book.

No one is going to invite you to do it.

You must reach a point when keeping your story under wraps hurts more than the fear you have of telling it. Share who you are with your audience.

I can help.

I’m the author of four books, one short story compilation, several business ebooks, and I’m currently working on a memoir. I know what it takes to finish a project and I have the business acumen to understand your ideal audience and how telling your story can position you to meet your goals, whether those are personal or professional.

Why Work with Me?

I am both analytical and creative. As an author and a marketer, I understand the creative process of writing and the business side of deadlines and messaging. I will provide the coaching you need to get you writing and to finish your manuscript.

Working with me is ideal for you if you:

Whether you need an accountability partner or help getting unstuck with a section of your story, I can assist you in realizing your dreams of seeing your words in print.

What do you say? It’s time, isn’t it?

Start investing in yourself the way you do your business or the way you look. Make time to meet the goal you keep putting off.

Contact me today and let’s talk about how we can get you to the finish line so that your story can finally be enjoyed by the people who can learn from your experiences.


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