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  • Shiny Squirrel and Other Distractions

    Six weeks ago, my husband and I were in New Orleans, setting of The Confederacy of Dunces (a book you really should read) and home to Anne Rice. There, we ate pizza slices the size of our heads and visited a psychic, not at the same time. Pizza first. I am a believer that some […]

  • I’m Giving Up on Meditation. Convince Me Otherwise.

    I’m Giving Up on Meditation. Convince Me Otherwise.

    I like quiet. That’s no secret. That’s why I had twin boys. I also like rainy days. That’s why I moved to the Sunshine State. While my decisions don’t always make sense, the older I get, the more I understand about myself. And if there’s one thing I know, I can’t meditate. It’s not that […]

  • Train Wrecks and Letting Go

    Writers are observers. I tend to be less quick to react in situations because I find myself wanting to watch how it will turn out without getting involved, something I knew would keep me from ever becoming a first responder. Writers constantly narrate our days in our head as things are happening. That’s what I […]

  • Dude, Kittle

    My best friend took her own life on March 21, 2017. I remember because the date was 3,2,1, which I now refer to as “blast-off day.” The book West of You is not for her. It’s for those of us left behind. Kittle never reached 45. She chose to check out prematurely, leaving no note, […]

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