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  • 5 Things You Never Knew About Someday, Never, Always

    If ever there was an act of vanity, here it is. I am fairly certain most of you reading this don’t care, let alone know any of these. Not even my husband, who no matter what he says, hasn’t read this book even though his face is on the cover. My mother has also not […]

  • When Was the Last Time You Watched the Sun Set?

    Serious question on this President’s Day…when was the last time you watched the sun set? I’m not talking about seeing a sunset from your car as you’re driving to a baseball game (oh wait, that’s me). I mean you go somewhere–even if that somewhere is sitting on your back deck or at your window–and you […]

  • West of You: Book Trailer

    West of You: Book Trailer

    The book isn’t up on Amazon yet but here’s a little preview to my debut novel. What do you think?

  • West of You

    From debut author Christina Metcalf, a story of grief and forgiveness following a woman at a crossroads in her life. Alone for the first time in her life, Sara feels disconnected afloat on a sea of grief and anger after her best friend’s suicide. Will Sara get the answers she needs to forgive herself and […]

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